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Cheer up !

Hello boys & gals, Friday is here and I cannot wait for tomorrow ! I'm going with my cousin to Tilburg; the Textile Museum is having a 1920s Jazz Age fashionable opening on the 10th and I was lucky enough to be a part of the celebration. Lovely, isn't it ? Just watch my stories during the weekend to know more :) Anyway, the weather is still shitty here, but we have to "work" with what we have, so even though the pics will be grey and dark this time, I tried "cheering" them up with some colorful pieces.

What I wore: - RoseGal two piece sport suit - Lightinthebox coat - Asos clutch 

So, what do you think? Sorry, the pics are a bit dark and blurry but so was the weather 😅 Hope you like my combo and actually this weekend I don't think I'll be posting something because I'll be away, but make sure to follow me on Instagram for more insight.
Wishing you a perfect weekend and "see" you soon ! 
Kisses, R.

Without us

Hi guys, The weather here in Brussels is beyond words.. it's so grey outside, no light, raining and this cold wind.. I hate it  ! It makes the wait until my vacay so long and difficult to cope with.  Even so, I have a new outfit post to share with you today. It's true that I did the pics some days ago, when at least it was dry and we had like 2% sun lol. Anyway, here is the look. Super cool for the season, might I add. :) I wanted to share with you the sweater that I'm wearing underneath as well. As it was super cold, I couldn't remove my coat for some more precise pics, but I hope you can see it's super cute ! 

What I wore: - RoseGal dress coat - Lightinthebox sweater - Gambettes tights - Giuseppe Zanotti flames boots  - Zara bag - Sterkowski hat

Indeed, the new Gambettes box is available !  :) I really love seing what new trends they have instored each month !
Hope you like the look, sweeties! I'll be back tomorrow with a new one for sure. 
Kisses, R.

A tough love

Hi guys, I'm a back a bit late today after a lovely lunch with Olivia, photographer and blogger ( her website here) that has invited me to dine at the Atomium restaurant. It was quite nice and everything, but I think they should add a bit more dishes from which to chose. Now I'm encouraging myself to go and clean my room because it's like a super big mess; feels like a hurricane passed by over there and when arranging everything, it takes so many time and I feel drained of energy in the end... Plus I have tons of emails to answer; so yeah, thug life lol. So instead of doing that, I'm hiding behind my pc, brining you the new outfit post :) Hope you'll love this combo :

What I wore: - Lightinthebox mohair pullover  - RoseGal pants - Lightinthebox purse - Mango shoes

So, what do you think ? A quite affordable outfit, styled in a fun way, with just a little pitch of pop. Kisses, R.

Bodak Yellow

Hello sweeties, Oh, I simply live under the impression that my day is like a big day in perpetuum mobile ! I don't feel like I'm living each day at a time, I just feel like I'm living a very long day without an end where I just snooze a bit rather than a normal night of sleep. Moreover, I'm also bound to this addiction where I'm able to always update my blog, share my fashionable looks with you and just inspire for work tenues , Friday night outfits...etc... Thus, voilà, I'm back again today with a new look that I just know you'll love because it's so different and cool ! 

What I wore: - Gatta basic - Zaful cardigan - Mango pants - Christian Louboutin boots - Jolly Chic bag
Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys!  I'll be back soon with more xo
Kisses, R.

Life is a bad joke

Hi guys, I'm finally back home and I have so many things to do ... it's crazy ! And I get the feeling that I don't have enough time to get everything done until my vacay...  Anyway, I'm happy to have done some pics for today !  And thus, here you have a really cool outfit that I've managed to put together ^_^

What I wore: - Lightinthebox sweater - Aran Sweater Market scarf  - Pradabag - Zara pants& heels
So, what do you think?  Is this a winning outfit or what ?
Kisses, R.

Good morning, Monday !

Hi sweeties, The new week is here and since I had some problems sleeping last night, I woke up only awhile ago. What better way to start the day than having a great breakfast ? Besides my usual scramble egg and avocado and ricotta toast, I'm trying today adding a little extra flavor. I've recently stumbled upon a new product from Dindesse, namely the long bacon pieces that are perfect to add to your breakfast ! They can be fried or you can eat them as they are, smoked. I was  skeptical at first because, as you already know, I'm very pretentious with my food and I don't eat just anything. To my surprise, the taste was fantastic; truly fantastic ! 

The recipe itself isn't very hard to accomplish. In the morning, I don't have time to do more posh things, but you can find quite a lot of good recipes on the Dindesse website that I'm also eager to try !  As for now, you can gaze your eyes on my very own breakfast for today :)

Wishing you a fab Monday and "s…


Hi sweeties, Hope your weekend went well ! I actually thought yesterday was Sunday. I guess I'm just eager for Monday to come lol. So today I'm seing my friend Chifâa from The Belgian Laundry . Obviously it's going to be a full day again :). Sometimes it's so difficult to find time for family& friends. I can spend a week without actually seing my mom or the others... In a way I'm happy that I'm so buys cause it doesn't allow me to think too much; when I think too much, I become sad. Doesn't that happen to you? For now, let's just cheer up with a new outfit of the day post, one that it's actually cheerful in bright colors, even though the weather is grey and "sad".

What I wore: - RoseGal sweater - Choices skirt - Jeffrey Campbell over the knee boots - Six clutch - Gatta tights
I think it would have been better to take a pair of sheer tights in a nude color so it wouldn't be so ostentatious.  Let me know your thoughts xo
Kisses, R.